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15 Day Mental Wellness Challenge

  • 15Days


15 Days is all it takes to push your mental wellness to a new height. Are you up for the challenge? Here's what you need to know: 1) Each day will come with a exploration quiz or small task to complete. These can take as little as 5 minutes/ day. 2) Each day will explore a new topic in relation to mental wellness, we talk emotions, thoughts, boundaries, relationships, and so much more! 3) You can go as shallow or as deep as you want. This course is designed to teach little nuggets and make several baby steps toward mental wellness, but you can dive as deep as you allow yourself. It's your journey, do whatever feels best for you. Why did I create this challnege? Expand your mental wellness over 15 days. As a therapist, I see folks on a daily basis who were never taught some of the small nuggets of mental health wisdom. And to be honest, most of us weren't taught these nuggets. That's where this challenge comes in. This condensed 15 day challenge will expand your mindset and provide you the opportunity to become a healthier happier version of yourself. While this challenge will share some mental health knowledge and skills, this is not a replacement for therapy. This challenge is designed to help you gain insight as to where your mental health stands, and where you would like it to go. Take this as shallow or as deep as you are comfortable with. Your answers are for your eyes only, to help you reflect. If you allow yourself to be vulnerable, growth can be uncomfortable, so take it as you need. Keep what resonates and disregard what doesn't. Good luck and happy healing.

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