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Online Therapy in Nebraska

See a licensed therapist virtually from the comfort of... well, wherever you find comfy. 

No Wait List

We know it is discouraging to have to sit on a wait list, that's why we have a strict no wait list policy. If you call today, we will be able to get you in within a week, as long as your schedule allows. 

Real People, Real Help

We are your typical therapists, but we pride ourselves on authenticity. We are real people just like you, and we want you to be real with us. Being online or virtual does not mean we have to be inauthentic. We provide the same level of service whether you are 4 ft away or 400 miles. 

Fill out this form if you want us to contact you to set up your first session. Or if you are ready to book, go to our Book Now page! 

We will get ahold of you within one business day.

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