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10 Tips for Better Sleep Hygiene

Updated: Aug 7

"I'm just so tired." "I'm exhausted." "I didn't sleep well." "I had trouble getting to sleep." Been there, done that. Did you know that getting better sleep is the easiest and quickest way to improve your mental health? Let's dive into 10 ways to improve your sleep hygiene.

1. Develop a consistent schedule.

Routine teaches your body when to be tired and when to be awake. Try to set some level of consistency with when you are going to bed and when you are waking up.

2. Create a pre-bedtime routine.

3. Get your conditions right!

4. Practice relaxation techniques before bed!

5. Avoid using your cell phone right before bed.

6. Exercise regularly throughout the day but avoid strenuous activity at bedtime.

7. Limit your naps.

8. Shoot for 7-9 hours!

9. Use white noise or a fan to reduce outside noises.

10. Try aromatherapy.

BONUS: Get yourself a good pillow.

If nothing else, remember that a solid night routine will go a LONG ways in creating better sleep habits. Better sleep means less stress. Less stress means better sleep. And then well, I think you get the hint! Set yourself up for success by starting that routine today!

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