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Therapy and How It Helps

How does therapy even help? Should I even do it? Therapy can be a powerful tool in helping guide you to being your best self. Yes, I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true. The act of talking through your experiences with a trained therapist can help us gain insight to our behaviors, thoughts, and relationships. Therapy is beneficial in many ways, but probably the most important part of a good therapy experience is a good therapeutic rapport with your therapist. Having a strong rapport just means you feel like your therapist is in your corner, being your hype-man, holding you accountable, and guiding you toward your goals. We often use the analogy that you are in the driver's seat, we just hold the map.

On a more practical level, therapy helps us understand ourselves better by exploring unresolved past issues, and how those issues continue to drive our thoughts and behaviors. By understanding what drives us, we can understand how to challenge and change our thoughts and behaviors. We can learn to cope with overwhelming emotion, set strong boundaries, and manage stressful situations. Therapists are trained in several different therapy modalities, some of which you won't even notice your therapist is using. We're kind of sneaky like that. 👀 Most therapy just feels like conversation to the client, and that's exactly how we want it! There are other modalities, such as EMDR, where you will very much know what is happening and when. If you are interested in learning more about different modalities we use, let us know in the comments or shoot us an e-mail! We would be happy to nerd out and chat more about it!

In summary, there are several ways that therapy can be beneficial for individuals looking to take control of their lives and live more fulfilled lives. From exploring traumatic or unresolved events from the past to developing healthier coping mechanisms for future challenges, therapy offers a safe space within which individuals can work towards creating positive change in their lives.

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