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Ready to feel like yourself again? Let's get started. 

Therapy Services in Nebraska

In Person and

Online Options

Health Insurance Accepted

Licensed Mental

Health Practitioners

No Wait List and

Flexible Schedule


Get In Touch

The first step is get in touch. You can call, text, e-mail, or use messenger to get ahold of us. You can also request an appointment right here. Whatever is easiest for you!


We will get some basic information from you and send you paperwork, that can be completed on your client portal, on your laptop, tablet, or even straight from you phone. 

Book It

Our therapists have a variety of openings. Our team is committed to providing flexible options for our clients. From 6am- 6pm, via telehealth or in person. We got you covered.

First Session

This one is the scariest, and we know that. In this session, you can expect your therapist to ask you some questions to get to know you and your situation a little better. 

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